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Here's the current slate of Features and Short scripts and we are currently seeking UK & international co-production and investment:

The Garden of England - WINNER of the 27th Euroscript Screenwriting Competition
                                           Quarter Finalist: Final Draft Big Break (top 3% of 6000+)
                                           Quarter Finalist: Shore Scripts (top 8% of 1500+ )

'Survivors of a shipwreck in the English Channel, two refugees form a bond as they evade traffickers on the long walk from Dover to London.'
Drama feature following refugees walking cross-country to London through the post-Brexit heartlands of England.

Common Ground
'Two women meet sleeping rough in urban woods and form an intense but short-lived friendship.'
Short drama exploring themes of homelessness and mental health.
Currently in post-production.

The Zoo

'A disabled woman is forced back to work and takes a job as a drone pilot spying on her neighbourhood for the local council. When she develops an obsession with her neighbour the temptation to abuse her powers becomes too much to resist.'
Off-beat feature drama exploring themes of disability, voyeurism and revenge.


'To escape execution, a serial murderer agrees to work as a government assassin in return for her life and her baby, but she soon begins to question who she is really working for.'
Near-future feature thriller about a work-from-home single Mum in the gig-economy carrying out executions from a secret room in her council flat.

Mi-Voix (Whisper)
'A glimmer of hope for a refugee struggling to get himself and his daughter across the English channel turns into a parent's worst nightmare.'
Short drama set as a prologue to The Garden of England.

Tea For Two

'An unhappily married couple become locked in a poisonous stand-off at the breakfast table'.
Short black comedy. Our latest short Tea For Two is currently being entered to festivals and competitions. For private screeners please get in touch.
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