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Tea For Two is a black comedy short film produced by Kaspar Films and directed by Simon Drew. The film follows an unhappily married couple's poisonous stand-off over the breakfast table.


The script went through several drafts finally being stripped down to its bare bones and removing all dialogue in favour of a heightened sound design.


I called in a lot of favours from friends and raided their houses for props. I cast lead actress Katharine Bennett-Fox from the Firehouse database of artists who believed in the project and were willing to give up their time. I know lead actor Angus Brown from when he worked with my Mum for Miracle Theatre back in my homeland of Cornwall. DoP Anton Jeffes is a university friend from when we all shared a house full of film students studying at Westminter's Harrow campus way back in the last century.


We shot in one very long day in a house in North London, the rain stopped just as we got outside for the exteriors which were intended to be daytime.


After feeding the crew (largely with homemade flapjack) and travel expenses the total budget came to £60.


I worked with an illustrator friend I've known since university, John Devolle (Clear As Mud), to produce both the music and the fantastic titles and credits. Another friend, Pooya Koosha whom I met at a committee meeting for our Housing Co-Op in East London, gave it the colour grade and the sound mix. It's good to have multi-talented friends.




The film is intended for competition at festivals so not available publicly yet. If you would like to view a screener of the film or have any questions then feel free to drop me an email.



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